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The History of Italo Ferretti

Italo Ferretti

The origins

In the early sixties, Italo Ferretti decided to leave Silvi, his beloved town on the Abruzzo coast, to land in Milan, where he first worked in a pharmaceutical company and then in his uncle's transport company, thus gaining experience of life that will characterize it forever. It will be mandatory military service to bring it back to Silvi Marina a few years later.

Later on, he became Agent for Abruzzo, Molise and Marche of the Lebole parish company, but he immediately notices the great demand for ties in the textile market and a somewhat deficient local manufacturing industry. So begins buying Como ties to resell to his distribution network in central Italy. It is a success that convinces him to start his own production activity: he opens a first small workshop right in Silvi, where the company bearing his name still resides today.

At the time, the tie for excellence was made in Milan; the challenge was to launch a product designed and manufactured entirely by Silvi Marina. Then he started studying the product thoroughly and participating in modeling courses. Thanks to the skills acquired, the competitors' analysis and its great creativity, Italo Ferretti undertook a very high level of business in the field of fashion and luxury.

International Success

The international success for Italo Ferretti came thanks to his strong desire and determination to get out of Italy's borders. The starting point of the new course was Toronto, where it received a great favor from now on, so that Canada soon became its most important market and launch pad for the conquest of the New World. The first exclusive collection of Italo Ferretti, which gave the brand visibility and recognition, dates back to 1977/78, when George Lucas became famous for the first film of the extraordinary Star Wars saga. Italo Ferretti had the commercial flair and genius to design and create a line of silk ties inspired by the famous film, gaining instant success. Constantly looking for product innovations to ensure unrivaled quality, Italo systematically devoted himself to the development of new ways of creating and producing the tie. So Italo won a number of patents, including some that are still used today in the Italo Ferretti ties:

  • the shuttle, an intelligent alternative to the tie holder to correct the torsion and keep the tie in place
  • the balanced necktie (ballast)
  • the anti-crease seam

To date, Italo Ferretti boasts 8 patents that make its product truly unique and exclusive, with a quality standard among the highest in the world.

Italo Ferretti, the creator of Brioni ties

1979 for Italo Ferretti is the turn of the year because it marks the start of collaboration with a geographically close-by clothing factory: Brioni. In fact, Italo Ferretti was the creator of the Brioni tie and the creator of his international reputation. The Brioni tie, an indisputable synonym for high-end manufacturing and elegance, is the result of Italo's enthusiasm and passion: for almost 30 years (from 1979 to 2005) it was a tie made in Italo Ferretti, the favorite of chiefs of state and prominent figures of the world's political and economic scene. At the end of the collaboration with Brioni, Italo Ferretti has devoted entirely to the consolidation of its brand international brand, utilizing all the product know-how gained in decades of success.

Italo Ferretti ties are unique pieces, ranging from model design to silk refinement, from pattern creation to piece numbering to luxury packaging.

But what is luxury in clothing? According to Italo, luxury is "the ability to blend the ideas and experiences matured in contact with the most important personalities of the retail world, thus achieving a unique, unique and extremely refined product".



Masterpieces of style and genius Made in Silvi

Italo Ferretti boasts 8 international patents, which make each product unique and exclusive with quality standards that are among the highest in the world.

The Balanced Tie - Patent N° 00065

The reinforcement applied to the tail, made of the same fabric of the tie, the three additional sewings and the double flaps make the tail much more heavy and solid. Thanks to this particular patent, ties are much more balanced and stable.

The Anti-crease Seam

Thanks to the invention of the anti-crease seam, Italo Ferretti was able to solve the problem of ”overlapping” of the fabric of the tie that is usually created at the collar. Thanks to this particular process, the fabric remains perfectly neat and smooth under the collar and also the knot’s capacity is favored.

The Tie Holder - Patent N° 0233119

All the ties created by Italo Ferretti are further enhanced by a special tie holder called “navetta”, a simple and ingenious accessory that helps keeping the tie in its proper position. An effective and smart alternative to the tie clip.

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The finest and high-performance fabrics forged by skilled hands, strong and gentle as people of Abruzzo, become masterpieces of timeless style. Join our Made in Silvi creations.


The beating heart of our production, the dominant feature of our history. Ferretti ties are conceived as real pieces of art, starting from a sketch drawn by hand in hundreds of colors combinations. Our fabrics have got the perfection that only hand printing can give. The dyed yarns are twisted by special tambours, that can protect and enhance the best silks, perfect combination of softness and strength. Silk, plissé, patchwork fabrics, woven texture and more are the raw material from which we use to create with love and dedication our masterpieces of timeless style.


Tradition welcomes innovation, combining style and elegance in search of innovative fabrics and original combinations. This is how plissé silk jackets revisited with an eye to fashion arise, through the combination with leather and innovative fabrics. Originality, personality, strength and innovation become the new variation of the unmistakable and everlasting style of Ferretti’s creations.


Egyptian cottons and fine silks. The most precious and sophisticated fabrics take on a new life, thanks to skilled and loving hands. Collars, cuffs, bodies, racks, pockets are cut and sewn by hand and individually by master tailors and artisans, who create with great ability no more than 12 pieces a day. Twelve stitches per centimeter, and combinations of details characterized by millimetric accuracy, that only the high craftsmanship of Ferretti can offer.


Bow ties, cummerbunds, pochettes in different designs and color combinations. Scarves wrapped with the most noble cashmere, silk foulards, a precious and refined fragrance. As in the best tradition of Made in Italy, quality, attention to details and craftsmanship can create real masterpieces of timeless style.

Made in Silvi


Abruzzo, a region of great sartorial tradition in the heart of Italy, is our land. We are proud to bring all over the world the great craftmanship Made in Silvi, the city where our company was founded and in which, year after year, for two generations, has grown and strengthened. We are very proud of our roots, of belonging to the place called, rightly in our view, “the pearl of the Adriatic”.The strong and gentle nature of Abruzzo has always inspired our work. The sea of our city, the beach with white, almost silvery sand, inspire and enrich us every day. The warm and welcoming hospitality typical of people of Abruzzo, is renewed in our approach to contact with customers.




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